Colorectal Cancer Surveillance

A decision-support tool for patients and providers following colon or rectal cancer treatment


Module 1: Learn About Follow-up

Keeping an eye on your health is important! Learn about follow-up care, what to expect going forward, talking with your doctor, and taking care of yourself.

Module 2: Check Your Knowledge

How much do you know about follow-up after cancer treatment and recurrence?

Module 3: What is Important to You?

How you feel about your follow-up care is important. Help your doctor or healthcare professional understand your preferences for your follow-up options.

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Will the Colorectal Cancer Come Back?

Now that you’ve had surgery for colorectal cancer, you may have concerns about the cancer coming back. This risk calculator can your doctor review the risk with you and how that changes in the years to come. Your doctor or healthcare professional will use this tool with you to help you understand and talk about that risk.

The Colorectal Cancer Recurrence Risk Calculator is intended to be used by the doctors or health providers to help communicate to patients the risk that the cancer could come back. You should view this calculator with your doctor or health care provider.

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